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23 Things

May 25, 2009

Twenty-three things I want to do before I turn Twenty-four

(my 23rd birthday is coming up very soon!!  And, I have to credit girlhula for some of my inspiration.)


1.  pay a visit to a real, old-school Photobooth  

2.  attempt to bake my grandmother’s famous pound-cake

3.  get a tattoo (sorry, mom)

4.  take a road-trip

5.  conduct a professional photo-shoot independently of the studio

6.  keep my apartment clean & organized more often than it is dirty & unorganized

7.  get a (new) bike

8.  make a pinhole camera & shoot with expired polaroid film 

9.  reunite with old friends

10.  get published, again (visual or literary)

11.  take a class—  art, writing, sewing, whatever

12.  eat a vegetable from my own garden

13.  say something kind to myself every day

14.  get a professional mani/pedi  (i’m so ticklish, i’ve never tried to get one)

15.  read 15 books

16.  visit the japanese gardens in the snow

17.  throw a really good party

18.  write 18 finished(!) poems

19.  blog more

20.  finish the 365 project

21.  visit a new state (maybe west virginia?)

22.  make a large painting that i am happy with

23.  learn to knit

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  1. amanda permalink
    May 26, 2009 12:10 pm

    Great List Dude!

    I can teach you to knit and I’ve been wanting a new tattoo so we could totally do both those thing…

    Invite me to your party and I’ll help you make a killer chore chart 🙂

    I miss thee.

    The wife of your bosom 🙂

  2. Sean permalink
    June 11, 2009 7:45 pm

    There’s an excellent little bookshop in lewisburg,wv run by a drunk appalachan poet. We stopped by there while on Rachel’s birthday trip last year, there are five seperate poetry sections. So, I recommend west Virginia.


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