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a note on my vanishing act.

December 18, 2008


Dear Readers,

As many of you have heard directly, or gathered discretely, I have become a kind of unwilling workaholic recently. The fast-approaching holiday season greatly amplifies the demand for our photography, and hence for our time and resources. We’re talking 60+ hour work weeks for a while now. In the meantime, my body has been changing. . . battling stomach flu and a chest cold, and then transforming itself in more positive ways. I’ve gained muscle-mass, and therefore weight. . . the legs of someone who stands, squats, sits, kneels, runs, repeat. . . all day long every day. and the calloused knees that come from staying on the floor with little ones. The upper body strength of lugging cameras and jostling babies, all of which is a welcome reprieve from the kind of emotional and physical atrophy that unemployment was wreaking on my self.

That said, I literally work, eat, sleep, bathe, repeat. My job is very stressful for the time being, and leaves little pause for deep thought, or true opportunities for being present, in the now. I race around far too much like a headless chicken. However, I am so grateful to spend my days in the company of children, and in the act of observing families in action, at peak stress-levels. Literally, the families I see have been starched, pressed, curled, sprayed, and buffed to perfection. They are in the studio to create an image for posterity, to present the very best of themselves physically and otherwise (all that that entails). This gives me a lot of food for thought about relationships and types of families, as I see them all play out in this tiny drama. All in all, I love my job. The relentless samsara-like cycle will ease up soon, once the holidays subside, and I feel like the retreating tide will leave a lot of beautiful and interesting thoughts behind.

Until then, thanks for your patience. I’ll be back soon!

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