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my 365 project.

November 9, 2008


Tomorrow (or, rather, in five minutes, “today”) I will make the five-hour drive to Corporate Headquarters (may it not be as scary as it sounds) for a week of training which commences my new job as a photographer for a portrait studio. In synchronicity with this major change in my life, and in order to challenge myself as an artist and as a person, I have decided to start a ‘365 project’– fairly common in the flickr/photographer world. In essence, I will take a self-portrait every day for the next year. The creative growth potential is evident. I will have the same subject to photograph over and over, and yet I must push the envelope somehow, and not turn out a few hundred pixelated Photobooth shots of me on the couch. I think it will also help me grow as a portrait Photographer. In order to make people feel comfortable from behind the lens, I have to learn to be comfortable in front of it. Every. Day. Also, from a purely personal level, I think it will help me be more accepting of myself, and my appearance. I can’t take days off for weird hair, no make-up, or low morale. So, I will have to enjoy the composition that is my miraculous human form daily, regardless of the small inconsistencies.

I got off to a sporadic start, so I guess we will have to “really” start the 365 project yesterday. But, here is today’s photo above, and the project can be followed via my Flickr account.

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