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what has come of the days.

October 31, 2008

I’ve been a sieve catching so many thought-trails lately; ones that I really really intend to set down here.  But they walk in and out of my brain quickly, without time to do my homework.  It seems odd to “preview” posts, as it were.  To say what I intend to do, though who knows where my interests will have trailed off to by “then”– whenever “then” is.  But, I feel like making a list.  If not for you, for me.  A digital post-it of sorts, for some inspiration that deserves airing out of my own private journaling, and sharing further.

1.     I must make a very exciting announcement here, and one that will doubtlessly shape my future writing, as it will dominate my future time.  I was offered a position as a Photographer for a portrait studio, and took them up on it.  My work begins in about a week, and I am a tumult of relief, excitement, anticipation, nervousness, etcetera.  I love cameras and I love children, so I’m hoping this will be a blast.  Also, I will doubtless have my 35mm eyes opened to the world of advanced digital photography, affecting my work and perspective, no doubt.

2.    I have been thinking a lot about childbirth, lately.  Odd?  Maybe.  I have no children, and have only been involved in the process of childbirth once, about twenty-two years ago.  It started with a trend I noted in daytime television towards “live birth” shows, documentaries about the births and infancy of multiples, and about the variety of ways in which modern Western women are choosing to deliver their infants.  As a feminist, the domain of the female body is of course to be protected politically, to my mind.  Similarly, it holds the abstract shape of my own personal sensory experience of life.  I inhabit a female body.  Pure and simple.  And it contains incredible emotive power for me, particularly the pregnant female body, and the linkage of women within families, which has been a subject I’ve returned too in my writing repeatedly.  So, a couple of other coincidences started feeding into my thoughts about the birthing experience (I, like so many modern women, take for granted that I will give birth in a hospital, nearly blindly trusting the doctors and nurses around me, and their monitors, to direct my hypothetical labor and delivery one day.)  It doesn’t have to be this way.  A shock, I know.  This is America, for Pete’s sake, land of the epidural and home of the c-section.  The first tracks across my brain encouraging me to think outside of this box was an article I uncovered on Adbuster’s website about “Industrial Childbirth.”

The second was a book recommended to me by a friend during a conversation fostered by these very topics we both seemed keen on exploring.  The book, Magical Child, by Joseph Chilton Pearce, is one I haven’t actually had a chance to read yet, but as far as I know some secondhand bookstore in Ohio is mailing my copy as we speak.  Once further explored, I think I want to sniff out what these writings mean to me, or to others.

3.    I’ve been given an exciting creative opportunity here, recently.  My friend, Zach, who is a wonderful musician has recorded an EP titled From Weedon Manor.  He’s commissioned me to do the cover art, and given me basic creative freedom, which is such an honor.  I know it will appear here, when completed.

4.    I have become a bit fixated on the idea of “Idiot Savants” as they were once named.  The phenomena of someone who has Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism, or some other kind of Mental Impairment which inhibits their abilities to do things like interpret basic social cues (i.e. how to recognize a joke.), but who also have superhuman capabilities to calculate sums, retain information, play musical instruments, or engage in the visual arts, simply fascinates me.  I have also long been curious about Synesthesia, which sometimes coexists with Savantism.  In particular, I found the blog of UK resident savant Daniel Tammet, and it is incredible.  I hope to track down some of the documentaries made about the phenomena soon, and Tammet’s life in particular.


I think that covers enough, for now.  I decided to clue you in on current inspirations:

Currently reading: Dragon Thunder by Diana Mukpo

Currently listening to:  Jenny Lewis’s Acid Tongue, Ray Lamontagne’s Gossip in the Grain, & some Jay Nash.

Looking forward to: halloween, a trip home, voting!!, and seeing Herman Dune & Jolie Holland together in concert.

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  1. November 6, 2008 5:34 am

    your idiot-savants thought reminds me of my film class- we watched “the hunchback of notre dame” (from the 30s, not the disney version) and read an article in conjunction with the film entitled “freaks and savants”– check out the movie “Freaks.” it was an utter box office failure due to the fact that it depicted “abnormals” just the way they are (human) and the “normal” as psychotic (which is often true).

  2. November 6, 2008 4:03 pm

    daniel tammet’s blog! freaking sweet! thanks! cannot wait to see that cover art ; )


  1. “Industrial Childbirth” and “The Business of Being Born” « { The Green-Eyed Muse }

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