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a creature of place.

September 11, 2008

Throughout my life I have carried landscapes as companions, to an equal or higher degree than people.  My social circles remain intimate, and my art, my spirit, my creativity thrives on place.So, having rolled my gypsy caravan into a new city, I am exploring, and piecing together the new landscape that is mine.  I’m inpatient, and wish I could know every back street and corner and dive bar already.  But, it takes time to learn the body of a place.  It’s bringing back a lot of memories of London.  I’d forgotten how long it took for me to really master the public transportation– to know that no matter where I was at last call, I could find a series of night buses to drop me practically on my flat’s doorstep.

For me knowing and loving a new place is a spiritual exercise.  I need to know everything, intimately.  This is my home now, and I owe it a kind of synergy of spirits.  I need to find my favorite places, the places that really inspire me– what section of Maymont Park?  Which museum?  Coffee shop?  Small gallery?  Thrift store(s)?

For now I am making right my internal space.  I think of it as a twist on the adage: you can’t love someone else until you love yourself.  So, I am loving myself, my space, my walls, furniture, floors, closets, etceteras.

It’s a beautiful day here– in the 70’s and smelling like fall (my favorite season?).  The cats circle, brushing up like tiny chenille blankets on your legs and laps.  Unfortunately, I have no pictures to show for my work yet.  I am a whirwind of sewing, hammering, crafting, claiming– this land is my land.


soon and very soon, i’ll be back.

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