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Cardboard Boxes, and Fabric Scraps.

August 14, 2008

We’re moving. And, for the moment, my life looks like ever-multiplying cardboard boxes, and a bundle of fabric swatches I’m making into throw pillows. The boxes are (obviously) necessary, but the sewing is just my way of self-medicating. I need the creative outlet to quiet my mind, and recharge my batteries amidst the quandaries and complexities of this liminal non-space. The work of my hands, it turns out, is a verifiable anti-depressant in the modern world of button-pushing rather than plowing. Just check out this recent article from Scientific American Mind Magazine. Besides, the commencement of this new life, the blessing of this new home, begs for new trappings. More space to fill, more colors to explore. . . You, dear readers, should be notified: I have a healthy premonition that my blog is soon going to become some kind of mod Southern Living Home, at least for the period of nesting and ‘playing house,’ as my Momma says. It’s thrilling, in all of the nuanced and ambivalent contexts of that word.

It’s worth mentioning, that my current soundtrack is dominated by Emmylou Harris‘ most recent album, All I Intended to Be. That woman has remained as physically beautiful, as she has spiritually graceful and incredibly gifted. This latest album is chillingly honest, resonant and gorgeous. It speaks to me. Here’s a bit, to taste.

(Also, did I mention our a/c is broken? And the microwave died? Yeah– this may be ‘cheers’ for about a week. . .)

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  1. A-man-duh permalink
    August 14, 2008 12:30 pm

    just don’t go too domestic on me!

    ps. your place is freakin’ huge

  2. rachel permalink
    August 14, 2008 5:44 pm

    emmylou, emmylou, i love emmylou.

    your new place sounds wonderful! it’s good that you get your own studio space.

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