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Bonsoir, blogites.

February 11, 2008

A Couple of Things I think are just great!

Okay, Oprah on the brain… she keeps popping up in my daily conversations.  And, well, mi amor, Stephen Colbert made a ridiculously funny joke about Poprah (Pope + Oprah) a couple of nights ago on his show.  So, I am posting about great stuff the universe is tossing at me, and thought I’d pay homage to the billionaire’s pension for “giving away stuff.”

Number One!  –> MediaWiki.  just met this dandy program today, and me thinks she is quite likable.  Not to give too much away, but my Seminar on the 20th Century American Long Poem has to create a Wikipedia entry on something (just take a wild guess)… and, perhaps more exciting?, the idea was thrown out that we could write a collective Wiki Long Poem.  What better medium to express the collective epic-lyric vision of the modern age?  I can’t think of one. 

Numero Dos: Old books and outdated atlases.  Why do I sign on here? Probably for the same reason I have been furiously painting when my discipline is reading/writing. Escapism, in a creative, productive way. And, I need the creative vulnerability and accountability offered by this tucked away but public forum.So, it finally got above 35 degrees here on Monday and I spent part of the day traipsing around taking photographs. Along the way, I took a new interest in the used bookshop around the corner from my apartment: specifically, their shelves of “dollar books” parked on the sidewalk. I am no connoisseur of old defunct books, but I have made a couple of great purchases in the past (like a book of British baby names on the Thames walk last spring).-

google reader- What a fabulous life organizer…it lets me creep on all of my favorite blogs from one central site.

serial (cereal) poetry- Less ordered than the sequence, and more accessible than the epic, this particular long poem variety is asking me to write it. We’ll see how this goes…

alela diane– Love her. Love her. Love her. Give it a listen:

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