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metaphors springing up everywhere!

August 29, 2007

A FEW DAYS INTO CLASS, AND MY READINGS are already sending off streamers of ideas in every direction! This is what I love about school. A few interesting potential metaphors have popped up, which I will mention here. Also, expect some new original poem fragments, a reading or two, and a book review in the near future…

FIRST: The picture above is from the PèreLachaise Cemetery, in Paris, which I have visited. I have even seen this tomb. But, what brought me to this image was a the love-story of Heloïse and Pierre Abélard, a Medieval philosopher, which my Classics professor glided over today. It has tragedy, scholarship, violence…the works. I am thinking of writing a voice-poem in the persona of Heloïse, or perhaps their son…stay tuned! The picture is of their tomb, or rather “memorial”…all comes full circle!

SECONDLY: I was reintroduced to the idea of a “palimpsest” manuscript…and am finding it more fascinating than ever. The OED has this to say:

A. n.
1. Paper, parchment, or other writing material designed to be reusable after any writing on it has been erased. Obs.
2. a. A parchment or other writing surface on which the original text has been effaced or partially erased, and then overwritten by another; a manuscript in which later writing has been superimposed on earlier (effaced) writing. Cf. sense B. 1.
b. In extended use: a thing likened to such a writing surface, esp. in having been reused or altered while still retaining traces of its earlier form; a multi-layered record.
3. A monumental brass plate turned and re-engraved on the reverse side. Cf. A. 2. Obs.
4. Physical Geogr. and Geol. A structure characterized by superimposed features produced at two or more distinct periods.

check this phrase, from an introduction to Beowulf:
hapax legomena— what linguists call words recorded only once in a language. Beowulf = wordsmith.

Okay! Enough for now!

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