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Thanks for the (Ongoing) Inspiration…

May 29, 2006

Serious music…in a minor key, of course.
I dare say my taste in music has gotten fairly predictable here lately…if you followed from the last “featured musician” post on this blog to this one, you may find parallels. I hope, as a result, you won’t overlook the depth I hope to be striking by following this particular musical trail, dear reader…

These two are all I have been listening to: around and around and around. They are haunting me…during trips to the beach, in the kitchen over cooking noises, while i draw, paint, dabble in this or that. This is the soundtrack to my life right now. And though I am sitting comfortably (as much as mortality and awareness allow) in my own skin these days, Ryan Adams and David Ford are giving me chills, peeling back the edges of this painted face with a palate knife of arresting honesty…
The music is quiet: most of it is accoustic guitar and harmonica, with the exception of a few belted bar-scene songs that require rolled down windows(Ryan Adams’ “Shakedown on 9th Street” or “To Be Young (Is to be sad, is to be high)”) or extremely passionate rants reaching feverish pitch (David Adams’ “State of the Union”). I find it intricate, and real…a full range of the sadness and joy of life, everything tempered with reality, stunningly so. The music may be called “sad” but if you require truthfulness, then perhaps it will bring you the joy it has brought me…
I hope you listen. Cheers! And thanks for the inspiration.

David Ford’s official website ( had this to say about his debut album (and i couldn’t agree more):
“Consisting of nine songs that explore the unnerving emotional terrain where characters are surprised by their own capacity for betrayal, where bad faith somehow migrates from the personal into the political realm, and where the passage from dizzying hope to stunning disappointment occurs in some unknowable way, I Sincerely Apologise presents itself, ironically enough, with no apology at all. It is a work of genuine depth by a songwriter of striking authority. Its effect is spellbinding. “

Now, have a free listen to Ryan Adams’ new cd, “29”: I recommend highly his “Heartbreak” Album, also. Among other reasons, it has a song entitled “Oh My Sweet Carolina” (can i get a “hell yeah!”?):

All the sweetest winds they blow across the South
Oh my sweet Carolina
What compels me to go?
Oh my sweet disposition
May you one day carry me home
May you one day carry me home

And this is a blog dedicated to Adams’ music: I’ll let his more dedicated fans do the talking.

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